Turning Points: Bob Dutru, William Blodgett, Sangeeta Chaudhari

Turning Points

Today in Canada there are over 300,000 stroke survivors. Stroke Recovery Canada is helping ease the recovery process and these survivors are surviving and thriving! Over the next couple of weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays we’ll be sharing some of these “Turning Points” – the moments when these stroke survivors realised there was hope post-stroke!

Here are our next three Turning Points:

Driver's License

“I’d say the day I got my license back after not being able to drive for 8 months!”

– Bob Dutru, Niagara

William Blodgett Bike

“My turning point was when I learned that I could still ride my bike and swim, albeit not as well as I would like…however practice makes it worth some more.”

– William Blodgett, Peterborough Ontario.

William Blodgett Swimming

Sangeeta Chaudhari

“The day I returned back to volunteering at a school near my home. I feel I am making a difference and it makes me feel proud. I am once again giving back to my community.”

– Sangeeta Chaudhari – Milton, ON

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