After Stroke: Christopher’s Experience

"I am very thankful for those that support people like me, and our families, who are living with a stroke."

“I am very thankful for those that support people like me, and our families, who are living with a stroke,” says Christopher Munn.

Christopher Munn was on his Tuesday evening 10K run when he began to experience having a stroke. He suddenly saw flashes in his left eye and had a sharp headache. But when he went to the hospital, they told him it was probably a migraine. He’d never had a migraine before. Two days later, during an office meeting, he couldn’t move his right side.

Christopher Munn_03

“Others noticed. I couldn’t talk. I tried but couldn’t get anyone to understand,” he remembers.

Chris was nothing if not active and healthy before his stroke. He regularly ran with the Owen Sound Running Club, spent time canoeing or skiing outdoors, attended book club meetings and renovated parts of his home.

But the stroke changed all that, greatly impairing his mobility, speech and lifestyle.

“The first night in the hospital after my stroke, I needed to go to the washroom,” he explains. “I wasn’t used to my leg and arm not working. I tried to get up and slid to the floor.”

Christopher Munn_02
Christopher with a fish during a fishing activity at Aphasia Camp

March of Dimes Canada has helped him get back on his feet, offering support programs and subsidizing what his benefits do not cover.

It took seven weeks of rehab to be able to walk with a cane, and he needs ongoing physio three times a week to keep him mobile. He also joined the MODC Aphasia & Communications Disabilities Program (ACDP) for weekly speech therapy, and attends the After Stroke Support Group once a month to help integrate him back into a normal life.

Chris and his wife during an adaptable bike ride at aphasia camp in St. George, 2016.

“[March of Dimes Canada] staff and volunteers are wonderful – so encouraging and supportive,” he says.

Today, Chris is adapting to a new life. “I miss jogging and hiking. I go for walks,” he explains. “I am trying to adjust to doing things differently.” It takes a great deal of effort, but he’s able to complete small tasks around the house, have conversations, and read books. He’s also taken up new hobbies, including art and dance, and is optimistic that with continued support, he’ll one day be able to bike again.

Christopher Munn_05
Chris titles this “The Healing Power of Nature”

In Canada, over 400,000 people like Christopher have survived a stroke. We are helping families like Christopher’s by offering support, rehabilitation services, education and caregiver support through our nationwide After Stroke program. Visit the After Stroke website at for more information and resources.

Volunteer Spotlight: Liam Tangney. Favourite season in Canada: Summer!

Volunteer Spotlight: August 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Liam Tangney. Favourite season in Canada: Summer!

As we dive into the second part of 2018, we’re continuing to recognize and showcase our volunteers in these spotlights to show that volunteers are just like you! Volunteers will always be an important part of the service we give here at March of Dimes Canada. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Meet Liam, our spotlight for August.

August Volunteer Spotlight

Name: Liam Tangney

Nominated By: Jordan Meron

Position Description: Fundraising Assistant

Age: 25

How long have you been an MODC Volunteer? 1 year

What is your favourite part about volunteering with MODC? 

The people that I volunteer with, and the fact that I get to give back to MODC for all the help they gave me in getting my job at Cineplex.

What’s your favourite season in Canada and why? Summer! I love the warm weather, and being able to be outside often.

What’s a hidden talent that you have that the people at MODC may not know about? I’m very good at analyzing sports games!

If you could have any meal in the world, what would you choose? I would choose chicken fingers and fries!

A favorite place you have traveled to? Buffalo, NY

Jordan Meron talks about why she nominated him as Volunteer Spotlight for this month:

“Liam has done great work for our fundraising team! He has a great personality. He treats everyone with respect and kindness, no matter what the situation is. Liam manages “thank you” calls amazingly, even when there are times it can be quite stressful. The commitment he has to his role is something that has not gone unnoticed! He works very hard every time that he comes in, and does a fantastic job with the tasks he is given. We really appreciate everything that he has done for us; we are so lucky to have volunteers like Liam!”

Volunteer Spotlight: Liam Tangney. Favourite season in Canada: Summer!


If you’d like to learn more about March of Dimes Canada’s volunteering opportunities, please visit this landing page from the website: