Emergency Preparedness Tips with The Weather Network [6-10]

March of Dimes Canada has once again partnered with The Weather Network to provide you with some useful Emergency Preparedness Tips to help you prepare for unpredictable weather this winter season. The tips were created with inspiration from redcross.ca/ready.

The next 5 tips are as follows:

Emergency Preparedness Tips [6-10]

HL2280DW_1.jpg6. Have a list of provincial emergency management agencies printed and easy to locate.



7. Have cash on hand during power outages. Credit card & Interac systems may not work.



8. Have an adequate supply of fuel in your vehicle in case evacuation is needed in an emergency.



9. Have a plan to connect with family members if you are not together.



10. Identify which people in your neighborhood are vulnerable and may need help.

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