Turning Points: Shirley Dennis, David Huson & Paula Povey

Turning Points

Today in Canada there are over 300,000 stroke survivors. Stroke Recovery Canada is helping ease the recovery process and these survivors are surviving and thriving! Over the last few weeks we have been sharing some of these “Turning Points” – the moments when these stroke survivors realised there was hope post-stroke!

Here are the last three Turning Points:

New Life

“My turning point was when I realized I was going to survive and with a little work and effort, I was still going to have a life.”

– Shirley Dennis

David Huson

 “My turning point was volunteering at a local peer support program; this allowed me the opportunity to apply some of my recovery tools,  and my new normal became dedicated to a life helping others in a similar situation as my own. ”

– David Huson, Guelph Wellington

Paula Povey

My Turning Point happened  three years post stroke, when I accepted the fact that this is MY NEW NORMAL and that I AM A SURVIVOR, NOT A VICTIM!!

– Paula Povey, New Hamburg

Thanks for reading and please make sure you check out the other entries too!

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