Turning Points: Tom Rideout, Marg Cyr, Judy Mostow & Margaret Kindree


Today in Canada there are over 300,000 stroke survivors. Stroke Recovery Canada is helping ease the recovery process and these survivors are surviving and thriving! Over the next couple of weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays we’ll be sharing some of these “Turning Points” – the moments when these stroke survivors realised there was hope post-stroke!

Here are our next four Turning Points:

Tim Rideout

“My turning point was coming to my first peer support meeting and learning that life does go on after a Stroke.”

– Tom Rideout, Toronto

“Our turning point came when Ted and I joined Survivors of Stroke.  It was from them that we learned how to deal with the challenges of stroke and that while our lives were irrevocably changed, there was life after stroke.

– Marg Cyr, Niagara


“Every year!! I see subtle changes every year as I try to live my new life to the fullest.  I am now celebrating 10 years post stroke, and my new life is full, rich and rewarding.”

– Judy Mostow, Thunder Bay

 “After my stroke I could not spell or do Math.  Rehabilitation and my family helped me relearn spelling and math.  This encouraged me to continue to try more things – playing solitaire, sudoku and getting my driving license back and continuing to write letters.  I am now working on crossword puzzles.  Small things are “Turning Points” for all of stroke survivors.”

Margaret Kindree

  “This is a picture of me and daughters – from left to right Cindy, Valerie, Monica and Margaret – they all helped me after my stroke.”

– Margaret Kindree, Oshawa

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