Turning Points: David Ingram, Donnie Miller & Donna Ribotto


Today in Canada there are over 300,000 stroke survivors. Stroke Recovery Canada is helping ease the recovery process and these survivors are surviving and thriving! Over the next week we’ll be sharing some of these “Turning Points” – the moments when these stroke survivors realised there was hope post-stroke!

Here are our first three Turning Points:


“After spending 3 days in ICU and looking at an item hanging on the wall, my turning point was to be able tell my girls it was a Fire Extinguisher. My second turning point was when I was able to print all the letters in the alphabet. The first time I tried I could only come up with 16 letters. I could give you dozens more but these two are significant to me. “

– David Ingram, Lindsay

Donnie Miller

“Shoveling snow this winter for the first time since 2011.  Finally being able to help my family with domestic chores”

– Donnie Miller – Stroke Survivor since 2011. SOS Niagara


“The turning point came when I realized that all those travelling on the detour were my true companions and my new tribe.  The road is still rough, and hard to travel, from time to time, but knowing there are others helping and understanding makes it a road well-travelled. Wishing you blue skies and a happy heart.”

– Donna Ribotto, Thunder Bay

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