Volunteer Spotlight: September 2018

There’s not enough words to describe how much we appreciate the commitment, time, and hard work that volunteers give. However, we’re happy to feature our incredible volunteers through these spotlights and share them with you. As always, volunteers will always be an important part of the service we give here at March of Dimes Canada.

Come meet Talar, our volunteer spotlight for September!

September Volunteer Spotlight

Name: Talar Kanzoghian

Nominated By: Sara Piotrowska

Position Description: Communication Program Volunteer / Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Placement Student (Aphasia and Communication Disabilities Program)

Age: 25

How long have you been an MODC Volunteer? Just over 8 months

What is your favourite part about volunteering with MODC?  I love working and collaborating with the MODC team to help create a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment for all of our clients.

It’s so humbling to be a part of a team that strives to empower individuals with aphasia and other communication disabilities.

What’s your favourite season in Canada and why? What I really love about Canada is that it allows you to enjoy each and every season. Not all countries have four unique seasons…I think every season in Canada is beautiful in its own way. If I had to pick one, I would probably say autumn because of the exuberant colourful transformation of the leaves. I really do not enjoy the anticipation of the cold winters though!


What’s a hidden talent that you have that the people at MODC may not know about? 

Growing up, I did rhythmic gymnastics. At one point, I trained about 15 hours a week and was so passionate about it. The hard training strengthened my self-discipline and will power, and I was able to transfer those skills I learned to other aspects of my life.

If you could have any meal in the world, what would you choose? I’m a pretty healthy eater. I like to include vegetables in all my meals paired with meat, fish, or pasta.

Varadero, Cuba

A favorite place you have traveled to? Probably Varadero, Cuba because of their stunning beaches! I love their white soft sand and clear aqua blue waters. I also happen to love swimming as a sport so what better place to swim than in clear aqua blue waters.

Sara Piotrowska nominated Talar. We aksed why she nominated her as a Volunteer Spotlight for this month:

“Talar’s kindness, cheerful attitude, and keen interest in supporting clients with communication disabilities was evident from the beginning of her placement. She quickly developed strong, professional relationships with staff, volunteers, and clients. It was a pleasure to have Talar as part of our team, to watch her develop her clinical skills, and to experience the positive contributions she made to our clients and the program. She is obviously passionate about the career she’s chosen and will make a wonderful and caring SLP.”


If you’d like to learn more about March of Dimes Canada’s volunteering opportunities, please visit this landing page from the website: http://bit.ly/MODCVol


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