L.I.F.E. Toronto: Meet Usman

The L.I.F.E .Toronto program is pleased to introduce you to Usman. Last year Usman finished high school and was excited to begin the next chapter of his life but was sad to be leaving friends behind and wondered what to do next. When he heard about the pilot program offered at March of Dimes, Usman was excited to give it a try and has been back every session since. When Usman is asked what keeps him coming back to L.I.F.E. Toronto he answers “Because it is so fun!  And the social outings give me the opportunity to get out of his house and meet up with new and old friends.”  Usman loves being active and thrives during the recreational outings, especially when we play baseball!

IMG_0214 (2)      IMG_1062

Usman has seen his role in the program grow as he works towards being a mentor.  He always goes out of his way to make new participants feel welcome.  He gladly gives others tours of the sites he is familiar with and helps them find their way around. Usman is a whiz with computers and has helped others learn how to use applications like Wheel-Trans online.  During recreational outings Usman has let his leadership skills shine through as he leads a game of baseball and then shows off what an amazing team player he is as he cheers on his team mates.

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It is in Conductive Education® that Usman shows his determination and strength. When he first joined L.I.F.E. Toronto, Usman did not get out of his chair very often, not because he couldn’t, but because he did not realize how capable he was. Walking more independently was a goal Usman had and with help and guidance from the conductors in Conductive Education®, this goal has come to fruition and continues to grow as Usman now works towards taking steps up and down more independently. Conductive Education® showed Usman some skills he did not know he had and he practices these during other components of the program.  When Usman stands during baseball, he gets out of his chair and walks the bases.  Over the next week Usman will be working hard in Conductive Education® and he can hardly wait to go to the Rogers Centre to watch the baseball game.

LIFE Toronto program continues with the support of United Way TorontoTD Canada TrustToronto Community Foundation, and Royal Bank.

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