Emergency Preparedness Tips with The Weather Network [1-5]


Since 2016, March of Dimes Canada and The Weather Network has partnered together to help spread awareness of what you can do to prepare for unexpected weather during the unpredictable winter season. We worked on creating Emergency Preparedness Tips inspired by information available from redcross.ca/ready.

This year, we’re happy to provide these tips once again, and this time as blog entries so you can easily share and refer back to in the future. Please see the first 5 tips that we’re sharing for the period of Jan 1 – Jan 31. 

Emergency Preparedness Tips [1-5]


1. Pay attention to alerts and be prepared to evacuate.


2. Include medications, prescriptions, cash, and insurance papers in your evacuation kit.

3. Store your emergency go-kit in an accessible location near an exit.


4. Prepare for your pet or service animal’s basic needs: food, water and other supplies.


5. Have enough water and food on hand to last at least 72 hours.

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